About Richard Morgan

Richard loved the sound and music of mandolins long before he knew what they were. The mandolins and guitars he designs and builds are the distillation of many years of careful design work. His unique instruments open up a whole new range of sonic possibilities within a very durable design.

One small double shot Cafe Late please. . . . . Thankyou. . . ahhhhhh

When I finally found the courage to start build guitars and mandolins I made a point of visiting a number of established makers to ask for advice and hopefully some support or mentor ship. Since they all loved their work they were very encouraging and prepared to share their knowledge.They [...]

Radiant Instrument Necks and Neck Joins

Christos: It's been a while since I published the last post by Richard, so I was very happy to receive this article, which provides insight in the importance of radiant instrument necks for the produced sound. I think Richard finally got tired explaining to me over and over again how all [...]

Bed time story for insomniacs with no interest in lutherie

The Wikipedia definition of a Luthier is someone who repairs or builds string instruments. Wikipedia should also say that Luthiers spend most of their time cutting big bits of wood into smaller bits of wood and then sticking them back together again. The following two recent discoveries or revelations [...]

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