A brilliant concerto composed by Antonio Vivaldi is performed by the Kerman Mandolin Quartet in this video from the Azi Sivan live concert at the Jerusalem Music Center. The performance is impressive with the two lead mandolins attacking with mastery and sensitivity and the mandola and mandocello supporting all passages with excellent timing and phrasing. Definitely an excellent performance!

About the Kerman Mandolin Quartet

The Kerman Mandolin Quartet, which bears the name of the Israeli luthier Arik Kerman, is formed of four internationally acclaimed solo mandolinists: Jacob Reuven from Israel, Fabio Gallucci from Italy, Vincent Beer-Demander from France and Mari Carmen Simon from Spain.

The Kerman Mandolin Quartet’s objective is to produce new performances of pieces originally written for string quartets as well as arrangements, contemporary music and new commissions.

Antonio Vivaldi Concertos for Four Violins

Antonio Vivaldi has composed three concertos for four violins that are perfectly suited for 4 mandolins. In the below links you can find the scores from IMSLP, the Petrucci Music Library

Additionally, there is also the Concerto for 4 Violins and Cello in B minor, RV 580