Hi there, here are the articles of this week in case you missed them.

The first article is about one of my favorite composers, Leo Brower. During my classical guitar studies I played a lot of his compositions and I really liked them. His modern composing style and his captivating melodies are so nice, that I decided to try them on the mandolin. The first one I tried is titled "un Dia de Noviembre", a beautiful and perhaps slightly melancholic piece of music. You can try it too, using the included score, tablature and guitar track.

The second article is about a follower of theMandolinTuner named Erik Houtman, that about one year and half ago asked me to help him find specs in order to build a bowlback mandolin. The result of his work was great and note that Erik is not a professional luthier. This was a very successful DIY project that I think will inspire you.

Also this week, I introduce you to theMandolinTuner forum. This is the second time I try to implement a forum, and I hope this time I will succeed. Official launch will happen next week, but till then I invite you to take a look and start posting messages to see how it works. You can find links to the forum at the top right of each page.

Cheers, thanks again, and I'll see you on the inside!


Building a Neapolitan mandolin

Building a Neapolitan mandolin; it became a mandola

Almost a year and a half ago, I received a very interesting message from a follower of theMandolinTuner named Erik Houtman. Erik was trying to build a Neapolitan mandolin and was looking for specs. I'm trying to build a bowlback mandolin ( Naepolitan style ) with a stringlenght of 33 - 35 cm. Do you know by chance the measurements …

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Un Dia de Noviembre Leo Brower

Un Dia De Noviembre

After receiving a very nice email from Sergio Saldivar-Salazar, a mandolin player and follower of theMandolinTuner,  I followed his suggestion and updated this article to include the guitar sound track to help you play-along.  I also replaced the previous video performance - that was a recording of only the first part, with the full video performance. I hope you like …

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