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Have you ever wandered how a master mandolinist thinks?

I recently published my interview with Yaki Reuven, a master mandolinist from Israel that I admire for his technique, musicality and passion. I asked him various questions, some of them had to do with technique, but some others were about giving concerts, and I even asked him what he thinks about the future of the mandolin!

I think you will enjoy reading this interview...

How about some technical info about musical instruments construction?

Richard Morgan, the innovative luthier from Australia takes a step back to explain to all of us (non luthiers) why instrument's necks and neck joints are so important. When I received his article, I just knew it would be interesting and I was right...

...as he explained the concept of a radiant neck! Now this is something interesting to read!

But life is not all about music, is it? Oh yes, I know, music is fun and interesting, but taking a stroll at the center of Athens and discovering some tiny fearless creatures, ready to raid my table in order to collect breadcrumbs, is interesting too! At least this is what I thought, so I took some very nice pictures you will definitely enjoy!

I also took a day off to visit the seaside near Athens and it was great! The result was a short article I wrote with the interesting title "Greetings from the land of Lost Musicians", to describe how I felt, as at that time I was taking a break from writing for theMandolinTuner!

Finally, if you like mandolin conferences, a very nice one is organized by Avi Avital at the beautiful city of Luebeck, and I received an invitation from Avi where you can read all about it.

I am confident you will enjoy these new articles!

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Yaki Reuven Interview

Interview with Jacob Reuven & Avner's Mandolin Concert (tMt TV132)

I am pleased to present my interview with world-touring musician, teacher and  recording artist Jacob Reuven. Yaki began his mandolin studies at the age of eight under the guidance of Prof. Simha Nathanson at the Beer Sheva Music Conservatory. Jacob Reuven performs as a soloist and as a guest artist with some of the best Israeli orchestras and ensembles including …

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Now that is a fearless tiny creature

Now I shared a picture of this fearless tiny creature on Instagram the other day but I wanted to be sure to share it here too. My brother and I have been walking around Athens this weekend, and as we were passing by Stadiou street we felt the urgent need for a coffee and decided to pause for a while. …

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Radiant Instrument Necks

Radiant Instrument Necks and Neck Joins - A Luthier’s Journey #11

Christos: It's been a while since I published the last post by Richard, so I was very happy to receive this article, which provides insight in the importance of radiant instrument necks for the produced sound. I think Richard finally got tired explaining to me over and over again how all this works and decided to write it down so I can …

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Greetings from the land of lost musicians!

Greetings from the land of lost musicians! It's been a while since I wrote the last blog post, as it's been a very busy month. Alexandra is preparing for IB prediction exams, and I am helping out with Mathematics Panos is preparing for his classical guitar middle level exams The Wonder Woman (that is Eleni, my beloved wife) and me have …

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Εργαστήριο Μαντολίνου Avi Avital

Avi Avital Mandolin Workshop - SHMF 1.7 - 27.8 in Luebeck, Germany

Avi Avital, a well known mandolin virtuoso, is a true mandolin ambassador promoting mandolin as a soloist instrument suitable for big concert halls. Avi is deeply committed to building a fresh legacy for the mandolin through virtuosic performance in a range of genres and commissioning new works for mandolin. Avi Avital, a well known mandolin virtuoso, is a true mandolin …

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