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A few quick and important announcements:

...ttheMandolinTuner provides now the capability to fully translate its content. You can find a translate drop down box on the sidebar and also a "Translate" button in the bottom right corner that allows you to select a language. More than 81 languages are supported, due to Google Translate service. Translation is not perfect, but still it is great to see theMandolinTuner content in Chinese and Swahili!

...a lot of work has been done "under the hood" to help theMandolinTuner load faster. My measurements show that the home page loads 5 times faster than before. 2-5 seconds is now the norm from any location due to Amazon services and the work I did to replace large images with compressed ones. 

...my interpretation of a Double from Violin Partita #1 in B minor, J.S. Bach BWV 1002 is now released. Check out the video and let me know if you like it. I use an impressive mandolin from Richard Morgan for this video, and it sounds really nice.

...a detailed description of how I create the YouTube videos I post here at  theMandolinTuner is now online. I hope this post will help you decide to create your own videos too!

So, here are links to new info in the blog for this week:. 

Home Recording

Home Video Recording - How to create YouTube videos with your mandolin performances

Have you ever watched a YouTube video of a mandolin performance that you literally just want to adjust the settings of your PC to make it sound better? Or maybe you are so distracted by the background that you stop watching the mandolin player? Not good. In this post of theMandolinTuner blog I will show you how to create a …

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Double Partita Rizos

Double from Violin Partita I, BWV 1002, J. S. Bach - Chris Rizos

The Sonatas and Partitas for solo violin (BWV 1001–1006) are a set of six works composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.  The set consists of three sonatas da chiesa, in four movements, and three partitas (or partias), in dance-form movements. The set was completed by 1720, but was only published in 1802 by Nikolaus Simrock in Bonn. Even after publication, it …

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danilo brito and friends

Desvairada e Brasileirinho - 16 mãos! Incrível - Danilo Brito and Friends

Mandolin and Violin are close, right. Well, here they are really close! Desvairada" (Garoto) e Brasileirinho (Waldir Azevedo). Participação de Carlos Malta (flauta), Ricardo Herz (violino), Danilo Brito (bandolim), Alessandro Penezzi (violão), Luizinho 7 Cordas, Leo Rodrigues (pandeiro), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinete) e Milton Mori (cavaquinho).

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