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This was a special week. It was my birthday on the 20th and I spent it at home happy together with my family. I am now officially 46 years old, so I have to be always serious and do only important things. Not.

So, here is what happened in theMandolinTuner blog during the week ending at 20th of March:

...the first guest post in the blog is now a reality! It comes from Richard Morgan, a small maker from Australia that happens to be creating innovative new designs for the mandolin family of instruments.

...a very nice video of Ensemble Gabriele Leone playing Andre de Sapato Novo has been added in the video library. You should check it out and enjoy this nice music but also the rhythm and very nice timing of this ensemble. 

...the London Mandolin Ensemble has been added in the Mandolin Orchestras Database. You should check it out and make sure whenever you visit London to contact them and if you are lucky attend one of their concerts.

So, here are links to new info in the blog for this week:. 

ensemble gabriele leone

Ensemble Gabriele Leone plays André de Sapato Novo

Another beautiful performance by Ensemble Gabriele Leone, this time playing with great sound and rhythm André de Sapato Novo, choro brésilien de Andre Victor Correa. Performed at Rencontres Guitare et Patrimoine de Sedan, 29 June 2009 à Pont-Maugis, this is a little gem! 

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Richard Morgan mandola copy

A Luthiers Journey - The Patient Dies

Richard Morgan is a maker (luthier) from Australia and a member of theMandolinTuner community. From the moment that Richard joined theMandolinTuner we started exchanging e-mails and I was very happy to read about his work, especially as Richard mandolins (and mandolas, mandocellos, etc.) are truly innovative, featuring a unique sound-board design and lots of other innovations as well. Soon, I start thinking …

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LME Sunday 2nd Nov St Johns

London Mandolin Ensemble

London Mandolin Ensemble The LME was formed in June 2012 by a group of enthusiastic amateur musicians who enjoy making music together, and playing the plucked string family of instruments. They are a chamber ensemble with a wide range of classical music tastes, from baroque to contemporary, reflected in their repertoire. Their aim is to maintain the tradition of an ongoing mandolin ensemble in London, one that …

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I hope you've enjoyed this week's articles. There are definitely more to come next week...



- Chris with http://www.themandolintuner.com