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This week focus is moved from Italy to Israel, Italy, Spain and Portugal as I introduce you to an excellent mandolin quartet that consists of four virtuosos from four different countries. I know, you might ask "how are these four doing rehearsals?" I guess it is not easy! So...

...Kerman Mandolin Quartet profile and some of their video performances have been added in the Artists database to help you learn more about these virtuosos that formed a very interesting quartet.

...the new crowdfunding project of the Kerman Mandolin Quartet is presented that is about recording music from Mozart. I am a supporter already!

...I introduce you to an inexpensive tool that makes my life so much easier when changing strings. It is a string winder and cutter from Planet Waves.

So, here are links to new info in the blog for this week:

kerman mandolin quartet vivaldi

Vivaldi Concerto for Four Violins - Kerman Mandolin Quartet

This video proves why a quartet can offer so much more than a soloist. It is truly amazing music and I love it. Vivaldi and Kerman Mandolin Quartet. Just brilliant. 

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kerman mandolin quartet-1

Mozart "Serenata Notturna" - Kerman Mandolin Quartet

Beautiful music by Mozart, a real genius. Performed with a mandolin quartet, this music becomes very sweet and delicate, especially when performed by a quartet consisting of internationally acclaimed solo mandolinists: Jacob Reuven from Israel, Fabio Gallucci from Italy, Vincent Beer-Demander from France and Mari Carmen Simon from Spain. Just lovely! 

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karmen mandolin quartet studio

Mozart-Divertimento K136 last mouvement - Kerman Mandolin Quartet Live at Festival de Lunel 2012

This piece will be recorded hopefully if the crowdfunding project just initiated by the Karmen Mandolin Quartet succeeds. I am a supporter and you should be too! For now, enjoy the music, and if everything goes well and you are a supporter you will be able to enjoy all Mozart Quartets performed by the Kerman Mandolin Quartet by the end of …

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kerman mandolin quartet

Kerman Mandolin Quartet

The Kerman Mandolin Quartet, which bears the name of the Israeli luthier Arik Kerman, is formed of four internationally acclaimed solo mandolinists: Jacob Reuven from Israel, Fabio Gallucci from Italy, Vincent Beer-Demander from France and Mari Carmen Simon from Spain. For the past 20 years, Arik Kerman has been collaborating with …

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kerman mandolin quartet-2

Record Mozart's Quartets on Mandolins - A new crowdfunding project from Jacob Reuven and the Kerman Mandolin Quartet

Jacob Reuven and the Kerman Mandolin Quartet have just announced their new crowdfunding project to record Mozart's Quartets on Mandolins. I immediately became a supporter and I think you should too! Here is the announcement: "During two weeks in March we're going to record four of Mozart's most beautiful string quartets on two mandolins, mandola and mandocello, thereby seriously freshening up the …

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Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter- Musical Instruments

Planet Waves String Winder

  • Patented, high-quality peg winder with built-in string cutter
  • Ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use
  • Integrated bridge pin puller for acoustic instruments
  • Fits virtually all guitars, banjos and mandolins
  • The ultimate restringing tool - keep one in every case

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I hope you've enjoyed this week's articles. There are definitely more to come next week...



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