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The second week of January 2015 starts with a focus on Italian mandolin and specifically on one of its dominant figures, Ugo Orlandi. I attended a live Concert in Greece last year with Nikolaos Lavdas Mandolin Orchestra of Athens featuring Ugo Orlandi and his mandolin Orchestra and I really enjoyed it. More than 50 mandolin players were performing on stage, it was just amazing! So...

...Ugo Orlandi profile and some video performances have been added in the Artists database to help you learn more about this famous musician

...two CDs featuring Ugo Orlandi have been added in the Resources section. You can buy them or listen to the tracks using the links provided.

...I have included three of the most popular mandolin cases from Travelite, Gator and TLK in the Resources section. These may help you in case you have bought a new mandolin but you are not happy with the provided case or you just want to upgrade the case of your existing mandolin.

So, here are links to new info in the blog for this week:

ugo orlandi plays callace in south korea

Ugo Orlandi at 5th korea mandolin festival - Mazurka da concerto-R.Calace

Not a good video, but it is an excellent performance that demonstrates the experience and deep knowledge of Callace music that Ugo Orlandi has.

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ugo orlandi plays vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in do magg. Ugo Orlandi, mandolino

Orchestra A. Vivaldi di valle Camonica dirige Silvio Maggioni Edizioni Musicali "Eufonia" Musica per Banda, Didattica e da Camera

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ugo orlandi fantasia poetica callace

Ugo Orlandi - Fantasia poetica by Callace

Italian music! It has defined how the mandolin is played and the sound of mandolin for so many years... If you are only familiar with rock, country and bluegrass, I suggest you start a small journey in Italian music for mandolin with Raffaelle Calace. Enjoy Ugo Orlandi! 

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Ugo Orlandi

Ugo Orlandi

Ugo Orlandi is a dominant figure in the panorama of international mandolin music. He was born in Brescia and began his music studies at the Brescia Youth Music Educatioon Centre. He took up the mandolin at a very early age and at the same time took his diploma in trumpet at …

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Ugo Orlandi Mandolins of Stradivari

The Mandolins of Stradivari

1. W Cremona Alessandro Bono
2. I Due Foscari Ugu Orlandi, Maura Mazzonetto
3. II Fiore Giampaolo Baldin, Maura Mazzonetto
4. Nobiltà e saggezza Stefania Maratti, Giuliano Mariotti
5. L'Innamorata Quartetto romantico a plettro Umberto Sterzati
6. Bimbi e fiori Quartetto romantico a plettro Umberto Sterzati
7. Noche de estio Quartetto romantico a plettro Umberto Sterzati
8. Le Geishe Miki Nishiyama, Camilla Finardi, Paola Braghini
9. Currenti Calamo Camilla Finardi, Maura Mazzonetto
10. Preghiera Camilla Finardi, Maura Mazzonetto
11. Sinofinia originale per orchestra a plettro Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia
12. Mignon Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia
13. Scherzo per orchestra a plettro Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia
14. Serenata amorosa Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia
15. Sinfonia romantica per orchestra a plettro Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia
16. Ouverture lariana Orchestra di mandolini e chitarre Citta di Brescia

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Rapsodia Napolitana Ugo Orlandi

Rapsodia Napoletana

1. Rapsodia Napoletana, for mandolin & piano, Op. 66
2. La Caccia, avventure campestri (pensiero primaverile)
3. Murmure d'amour, ai bravi astisti fratelli Calace
4. Echi di Frisio
5. Csárdás, for violin & orchestra
6. C'era 'na giardiniera, tema popolare con variazioni, for mandolin & pia
7. Notturno, paraphrase for mandolin & piano (after Luigi Denza)
8. Souvenir de Posillipo
9. Chant d'amour, melodie norvegienne
10. Souvenir de Sorrento
11. Frammento
12. Bella Napoli, reminiscenze su motivi popolari napoletani for mandolin &

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travelite mandolin case

Travelite Case for F-Model Mandolin

Precision engineered instrument cavity made of high grade lightweight material
Full suspension top and body roomy interior accessory compartment neck support and velcro strap
Padded heavy duty ballistic nylon exterior cover plush velour interior
Luggage grade nylon zipper Velcro strap closure, also fit an A model mandolin
Back-pack straps sturdy hinges Underhandle latch with key durable metal feet on horizontal and vertical axis for versitile storage

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Gator Mandolin Case GW-JM

Gator Journeyman Series GW-JM MANDOLIN Wooden Mandolin Case

Traditional Sturdy Wood Case Craftsmanship
Antique Brass Hardware
Royal Blue Crushed Velvet Interior
Large Internal Accessory Compartment

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TKL mandolin case

TKL 8852 Archtop F-Style Mandolin Case

Multi-Ply, Hand-Laminated Wood ShellArch-Top Reinforcement SystemHeavy-Duty Durahyde CoveringProvidence Forge Steel-Plated HardwareComfort Grip Molded HandleContoured, Thickly-Padded, Soft Plush InteriorSpacious Accessory CompartmentTraditional Neck Support System

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I hope you've enjoyed this week's articles. There are definitely more to come next week...



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