I am always searching for different chords positions on my mandolin. Is it just me? I do not think so! Most people I know memorize a basic set of chords and their positions on their instrument but need a reference to fall back to.

So why not create my own reference? It was difficult and time consuming to create, but it is very convenient to use as it is online. And now, I am taking it to the next level; All 864 chord diagrams collected, into this single post with a (hopefully) friendlier user interface. So here it is:

This single-post chords is work-in progress. Known Issues:
1. C mandolin chords sometimes are not displayed
2. Page menu sometimes disappear
3. Loading is slow.
4. Hologram of me playing some times appears. Not!

So, here is the link to the previous database of chords, in case you liked it better.

Click on the chord names below (hashes and flats too) to see the chords!
Here is how to read the fretboards. They are fingered for convenience!D# / Eb Mandolin Chords

In case you see any problem or mistake with the chords, please use the comments below or the contact form to let me know. I will correct all problems and send you a thank you note in Greek. And in English. Ha!